Animated Debunking Video for SCS

Animated Debunking Video for SCS

Dive into the world of medical awareness with our animated debunking video for the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS). Following the success of our previous animated infographic video series on Prostate Cancer, SCS entrusted us with a new challenge. A 2-part series educating and debunking some common myths and misconceptions surrounding Bone Metastasis. Bone Metastasis is a topic that demands attention, yet it’s often overlooked. Hence, we were eager to help SCS spread awareness and debunk myths associated with this condition.

We chose this art style specifically for this series as it allowed us to utilize the lines or outlines in the videos. Through animation, these lines or outlines will become a means to guide the viewer’s attention to the desired focal areas of any scene.

The first video lays the foundation by emphasizing the importance of bone health and sharing some fundamental knowledge about Bone Metastasis.

In the second video, we take on the challenge of debunking the 3 most common myths and misconceptions about Bone Metastasis. We used a title scene to introduce each myth. This way it helps the viewers to follow along and know right away which myth it is currently talking about. We also engage the viewers with scenario-based and game-like scenes which added a touch of fun, making the video both informative and enjoyable.

Our commitment to accuracy led us to extensive research and collaboration with medical professionals. Doctors were involved at every stage, ensuring that the script, storyboard, and final content aligned with the facts. This meticulous approach guarantees that our medical-related information is not only accurate but also true to the medical community’s standards.

Explore the entire series, including the other videos created for SCS, and witness our dedication to spreading awareness. If you’re considering an animated debunking video or an animated infographic video series for your cause, we welcome the opportunity to collaborate. Contact us and let’s bring your ideas to life through the power of animation.

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