Merger Video for Den Hartogh and MUTO

Merger Video for Den Hartogh and MUTO

Embark on a transformative journey with our merger video for Den Hartogh and MUTO. It unveils a strategic union that propels Den Hartogh into a leading role in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. This video marks a significant milestone in their ambitious pursuit to become a key player in regional tank operations, offering comprehensive one-stop deep-sea and intra-APAC logistics services.

Den Hartogh’s merger with the MUTO group across key locations in Korea, Thailand, and Malaysia signifies their commitment to the APAC region. With a strong presence across 5 APAC offices, including Singapore and Shanghai, Den Hartogh is now a leading intra-APAC logistics service provider. The merger grants local direct access, reinforcing market leadership in new locations. This growth milestone, coupled with their expanding fleet of tank containers, positions Den Hartogh as a powerhouse in the region.

We ventured to their offices to bring this narrative to life, interviewing and filming their local staff. For those stationed overseas, personalized videos were recorded, sent over to us and seamlessly compiled with the videos we filmed. Animated infographics, thoughtfully designed in alignment with their brand colours, were added to the video too. It provides visual support, makes information easily digestible, and brings life to the narration.

Our merger video has successfully conveyed the union of Den Hartogh and MUTO, shedding light on the expanded service offerings in the APAC region. It’s more than an announcement; it’s a celebration of seamless synergy.

Inspired by this merger video? If you have a corporate narrative to share or a milestone to celebrate, contact us. We specialize in turning stories into captivating visual experiences.

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