Animated Infographic Video Series

Animated Infographic Video Series

Animated infographic videos are increasingly popular for organizations and companies to promote their brand and convey information in a simple and appealing form. In this regard, we created a three-part educational animated infographic video series for the Singapore Cancer Society about prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the third most common cancer among Singaporean men, and we were delighted to help spread awareness about it through this series.

To ensure viewers stay engaged, we split the video into three parts and used simplified versions of icons, graphs, and human anatomy diagrams to help them digest the information more quickly. We also used vibrant colors and smooth animations to capture their attention in the video that educates viewers about the psycho-social impact of prostate cancer.

Before creating the script and storyboard, we researched extensively on the subject, collaborated with doctors, and cross-checked our medical-related information, such as graphs and human anatomy diagrams, to ensure accuracy. At every stage of the process, we aimed to create a video that is true to the facts and informative for viewers.

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