Explainer Video for Musim Mas

Explainer Video for Musim Mas

Building on the success of our previous animated infographic video on traceability for Musim Mas, our collaboration continues with an informative explainer video. Musim Mas, a leader in sustainable practices, sought to enlighten their audience about the Smallholder Hub. A testament to their commitment to supporting independent smallholders.

Musim Mas has long prioritized supporting smallholders through programs like the Smallholders Program and the Smallholder Hub. These smallholders, managing 20 hectares or less of planted oil palm, are self-managed and often lack access to modern farming practices needed to improve their productivity. They also face financial constraints for replanting aging palms leading to lower yields. Hence, Musim Mas aims to reach out to these farmers across Indonesia through their initiative and improve their access to resources needed for boosting crop yields.

In this explainer video, we elevated the graphic designs, especially the characters’ illustrations, all while staying true to Musim Mas’s brand colours. We have also introduced 2.5D animation which added depth and realism to certain segments, enhancing the visual storytelling.

Beyond aesthetics, the explainer video is crucial in making content-heavy ideas comprehensible for viewers. It breaks down intricate concepts, clarifying what the Smallholder Hub is and how it functions. This explainer video also serves as a powerful tool for Musim Mas to convey complex information in an engaging and accessible manner.

If you have content-heavy ideas that need simplification without losing depth or seek to captivate your audience with engaging visuals, contact us. Let’s collaborate to transform your ideas into compelling visual stories that resonate with your audience.

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