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What are the different kinds of corporate videos we can produce?

Corporate videos come in various forms and serve different purposes. Categorizing them into a few key categories can help understand their unique characteristics.


Corporate Videos

These videos are an essential marketing tool for many companies, summarizing their mission in 2-4 minutes. They typically include interviews with directors, dynamic visuals of the company, and satisfied customers. To create an impactful video, a suitable voice-over artist and graphics elements are often necessary.




Commercials are short, 15 to 30-second videos created for broadcast or online channels. The primary objective is to capture viewers’ attention and persuade them to purchase a product or service or raise awareness for a cause.



Training Videos

Training videos aim to deliver content in a clear and easy-to-digest manner. They tend to be longer but should be kept under 20 minutes. Good-quality audio and visual graphics, along with humor, can make them more engaging and effective.



Social Media Videos

The key to engaging with viewers on Facebook and YouTube is content. While filming techniques and graphics are secondary, producing lots of content is crucial. Short, informative videos tend to perform better than longer, fancier videos.



Indie Films

Indie films tell a story around a product or service rather than directly selling it. They are a great tool to connect with viewers emotionally. Watchmakers and insurance companies often use this approach to promote their products.



Incorporating these categories into your corporate video strategy can help create effective videos for different purposes and platforms.

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