TikTok Infographic Video for Mendaki

TikTok Infographic Video for Mendaki

In our collaborative journey with Mendaki, alongside a series of impactful videos, we were entrusted to create an engaging TikTok infographic video focusing on the Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy (TTFS) and Study Loan.

The Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy (TTFS) Scheme, established in 1991, stands as an educational subsidy dedicated to Malay students, covering their tuition fees at tertiary institutions. Since 2011, the scheme extended its benefits to students of mixed heritage, enhancing inclusivity. Further revisions in 2018 broadened the income eligibility criteria, ensuring more Malay students in tertiary institutions could benefit. Meanwhile, the Study Loan, available for all Muslim students, serves to uplift educational performance by providing interest-free loans.

This infographic video is a comprehensive guide, elucidating what TTFS and Study Loan entail, the eligibility criteria, and the application process. Our task was to transform information into visually stimulating content, ensuring it resonated with the brief and engaging nature of TikTok videos.

Collaborating closely with Mendaki, we meticulously identified key information for the infographic video. We developed a storyboard, outlining the sequence of information and visuals. We strategically planned the flow of the narrative to ensure a logical and engaging progression. Visual assets were crafted based on existing material, ensuring cohesion. We then bring everything to life through expert animation.

The TikTok infographic video has proven instrumental for Mendaki. Vibrant colours, dynamic animations, and visually engaging graphics captivated the attention of their target audience. It has also simplified information, breaking it down into visually appealing elements. The use of visuals, icons, and graphics aids in presenting information clearly, enhancing comprehension for the audience.

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