MENDAKI Singapore

MENDAKI Singapore

At Easy Video, we had the pleasure of creating a unique and engaging video for MENDAKI Singapore. The video was an interview-style TikTok video that highlighted the experiences and challenges faced by Gen Z students during their educational journey.

We worked closely with MENDAKI Singapore to understand their goals and objectives for the video, and our team of experienced professionals conducted interviews with Gen Z students to gather their insights and perspectives on education.

Our team expertly edited the footage to create a polished final product that effectively communicates MENDAKI Singapore’s message and mission. By showcasing the experiences of Gen Z students, the video serves as a source of motivation and inspiration for young learners, as well as a way to raise awareness of MENDAKI Singapore’s services and support.

Overall, we are proud to have created a video that helps to support MENDAKI Singapore’s mission of empowering the Malay/Muslim community through education and training. Contact Us today to learn more about our video production services and how we can help you create engaging and effective videos for your organization.