Why web streaming is a better way to solve event cancellation due to recent virus outbreak.

Since the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, there have been more cancellations of events and conferences to abide by the protocol of the DORSCON orange. In times like these, web streaming is going to be a new way to hold events.

Here are some facts on how web streaming is a more beneficial way of hosting events in times like these.

1. Safety

Using web streaming, we are able to reach out to an organisation’s staff in an effective and safe way. Businesses can maintain communication, give leadership direction and conduct training to its staff virtually, anytime, anywhere. People are able to view events, training seminars and town halls at home, away from the crowd, at the ease of time, anytime and anywhere.

This also allows events, training seminars and town halls to continue running and happening.

Staff in different offices can also dial in and communicate with other colleagues in different offices and even different countries.

2. Interactivity and Versatility

Streaming does not need to be static. Web streaming when done right can be very engaging and interactive. You can engage your audience via polls and interactive Q&As. 

And the best part is that via a virtual event, you can also gather helpful statistics that you could not during a real physical event. Our web streaming services allow you to gather the full names, emails of guests, their log in and log out times, and even track their eye movements to find out if they have been paying attention!

3. Flexibility of Venue

Best part of streaming is its versatility in venue. You can have a small scaled down event attended by top leadership of the company in a ballroom and stream it to the entire organisation.

Or you can simply conduct the entire event virtually in a meeting room or book a studio that has the facilities necessary to conduct a seamless event.

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