Now we get asked how to make Viral Videos a lot and it is a perfectly legitimate question. Creating a video that becomes viral is like striking 4-D or Singapore Sweep – it is not easy! It is a difficult feat and large companies spend tons of money and research to create powerful viral videos. But for every viral video that you see, there are probably thousands of less successful ones.

But there are a few ways you can increase your odds.

Evoke emotions

Your video, be it a happy, sad, emotional, or funny video, has to strike an emotional chord in viewers.

All about the timing

Keep your ear close to the ground to find out what your audience is into this season. Check out local sites like or to find out what people are talking about to create targeted seasonal content that would appeal to them. For example 2014 was plagued by several airline disasters. Video content around air flight safety, alternative local staycations in Singapore or Malaysia would have done well in Singapore. Or it could be as simple as creating content to go with seasonal holidays like Christmas or Chinese New Year.


One way to boost your video’s popularity is to engage the user. Try ending the video by speaking to the viewer and get them to leave comments, feedback or their thoughts. This is a great way to empower viewers, give them some control over the content and let them feel like their feedback is important.

There are a ton more ways that I have not mentioned in this list. If you are reading this and have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.