Pre Event Promotional Video

Pre Event Promotional Video

Looking for an effective way to promote your upcoming event? A pre-event promotional video can be a great tool to generate buzz and interest. To create a successful video, it needs to provide key information for your target audience while also being engaging, fun, and inspiring.

A good promotional video is built on three pillars: information, emotion, and aspiration. It should contain relevant information about your event or product, presented in a way that resonates with your audience. It should also evoke emotions that connect with viewers, whether that’s making them laugh, cry, or feel excited. Finally, the video should be aspirational, convincing viewers that your event or product will improve their quality of life.

In this example, the video provides information about an environmental event, including the date, time, and venue, as well as details about exchanging plastic bottles for eco-friendly bags. The video also features colourful mascots, which add an emotional component that’s fun and entertaining. Finally, the video aims to inspire viewers to be more environmentally conscious by positioning attendance at the event as a way to make a positive impact.

By incorporating these three pillars, you can create a promotional video that effectively drives your call to action – in this case, getting people to attend your event. We work closely with our clients to meet their needs and exceed their expectations, whether they require a promotional video, corporate event coverage, animation or anything in between. Contact Us today to learn more.