Milestone Video for Yellow Ribbon Singapore

Milestone Video for Yellow Ribbon Singapore

Looking for a way to showcase your organization’s growth and development over the years? Consider a milestone video. These videos are commonly used in corporate events and ceremonies and can be a great way to highlight your organization’s progress.

We were honoured when Yellow Ribbon Singapore asked us to create a milestone video for them. Yellow Ribbon Singapore is a statutory board under the Ministry of Home Affairs that focuses on preparing ex-offenders for reintegration into society.

For their milestone video, we focused on the organization’s renewed vision and mission, using light rays to portray a new beginning. We split the video into two parts: a slideshow of past Yellow Ribbon pictures to give viewers a flashback of the organization’s past, followed by an animated infographic to showcase the new vision and mission.

If you’re interested in a hybrid video that combines pictures and filmed footage with animated infographics, we can create that too.

We work closely with our clients to meet their needs and exceed their expectations, whether they require a promotional video, corporate event coverage, animation or anything in between. Contact Us today to learn more.

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