Company Anniversary Video for AJAX

Company Anniversary Video for AJAX

Celebrating a 10th-year anniversary is a significant milestone for any company, and having an anniversary video can help showcase the journey and milestones of the organization. A well-crafted company anniversary video can highlight the company’s early days, customer testimonials, soundbites from directors, and footage of the company in action. It can also showcase the organization’s future plans and vision.

At Easy Video, we recently produced a company anniversary video for our client AJAX International, which was the highlight of their anniversary dinner. We aimed to showcase the best of the organization to potential clients and stakeholders through the video.

One of the challenges we faced during the shoot was capturing the motorbike squad in action. However, we managed to overcome this obstacle by getting dynamic angles of the team in action, which brought out the best of the team. A good company anniversary video can contribute to brand awareness, corporate identity, and business development. It can be shared on various online platforms, including social media and websites, to increase visibility and promote the brand image locally and internationally.

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