Animated Infographic Video for Eye Care Awareness

Animated Infographic Video for Eye Care Awareness

Animated Infographic Videos are an effective way to promote awareness of certain situations or causes. These videos provide quick, rich content that engage the audience. To create an effective Animated Infographic Video, it should include accurate statistics, fun visuals, rich content, and a call-to-action.

This particular video raises awareness of the difficulties that eye drop users may face when administering eye drops, as well as providing eye care tips for users. With the increasing use of eye drops for contact lenses, dry eyes, or after eye surgery, accurate application is crucial, especially for medical prescriptions.

OptoAid created a unique solution for people with frail or shaky hands, who often struggle to apply eye drops accurately. Our animated video provides an effective and informative tutorial to assist the elderly with difficulties in putting on eye drops in a safe and non-wasteful way.

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