An Introduction Video to COPE

An Introduction Video to COPE

At Easy Video, we take pride in our role as visual storytellers, and our latest project, an Introduction Video to Chemotherapy Orientation Patient Education (COPE) for the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS), is a testament to our commitment to impactful video production.

We were honoured to collaborate with NCIS, a national specialist centre dedicated to the comprehensive care of both pediatric and adult cancers. Their commitment to the prevention, management, and cure of cancer aligns with our mission to create compelling videos that make a difference.

The Introduction Video to COPE serves as a vital guide for individuals about to undergo chemotherapy. We understand that the first treatment day can be overwhelming, and this video aims to ease anxieties by providing a detailed journey through a patient’s typical day at the NCIS Chemotherapy Centre. Practical tips and advice are thoughtfully incorporated, making it a valuable resource for the patients and those supporting them.

Our collaborative process begins with a comprehensive meeting to understand the client’s goals and objectives. A site recce solidifies the vision, and we work closely with the client to finalize script and storyboard details. Our experienced filming crew captures the raw essence of the subject, while our editors and animators bring the narrative to life. Animated infographic scenes are strategically incorporated to enhance visual appeal and communication effectiveness.

The Introduction Video to COPE has proven invaluable for NCIS. The video enhances viewer comprehension and retention by delivering clear and concise information. More than just conveying information, the video establishes a connection with the audience, fostering relatability and engagement. Furthermore, the shareability of introduction videos on social media amplifies the reach, making it an effective tool to introduce important healthcare topics to a wider audience.

Are you inspired by our work with NCIS? If you envision creating a similar impactful introduction video, we’re here to turn your vision into a visual reality. Contact us, and let’s discuss how we can collaboratively create an introduction video that informs, comforts, and guides patients through their healthcare journey. Together, let’s make a difference through the power of compelling visual storytelling.