School corporate videos can offer fresh perspectives and insights for what a school provides. In this project, we have produced a corporate video for Xishan primary school. Xishan Primary school has multiple programmes that can help children develop holistically well. 

We wanted to show the passion and drive that the teachers put into the childrens’ learning and development. Hence, we have included clips of interviews with the principal and teachers of the school. We wanted to show the educational programmes and benefits that students who attend this school can gain. 

Likewise, we wanted to show that the school environment in Xishan has brought out the best in the students and provides ample space for them to grow. We included scenes of the students being proactive and doing their best in lessons or even when they play.

Having a school corporate video will provide viewers with more knowledge on the curriculum and programmes that the school can offer. We had fun filming it as we also got to interact with the students and learn more about their experience studying at Xishan.

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