Promotional Video for Sino Wushu that specialises in wushu events, performances, competitions, and school training. In this case, Sino Wushu’s objective is to promote their facilities, the training structure of the student, and the athleticism of the student to new viewers.

Don’t let the short video length fool you but it contains lots of information and an eye-catching visual that will definitely wow the audience. In this video, we showcase their clean and conducive environment for the student to train. We film a chronological sequence of their training starting from warming up their body to performing.

The video is edited in a fast-paced manner based on their action and a slow-motion moment to mesmerize their strength and form.

Nowadays, viewers have a short attention span for watching a video, learn more about the ideal video length for social media here. Easy Video helps to create a promotional video that is not just informative but appealing and attention-grabbing to your audiences. Let us work hand in hand to bring your ideas to life.

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