Animated Infographic Video is a great way to promoting awareness of a cause. It helps viewers quickly understand and absorb rich content. In this video we did for the Singapore Cancer Society, we helpedĀ  emphasise the importance of checking for breast cancer and how an individual can take do so in the comfort of their own home.

An effective animated infographics video can include a fun and captivating character or animation that helps to deliver the information in a more interesting and fun way. These infographic videos are normally used to broadcast to the public and being able to match the tone of the organisation. We wanted to make this video more approachable and friendly to viewers. We also wanted to enable this video to be more favourable and easy for young viewers to share this with their peers on social media. The use of food elements, like pineapple tarts in place of breasts, made it easy to show and describe graphic visuals in a colourful, less graphic and attractive way, while still being informative.

We are honoured that the Singapore Cancer Society gave us the chance to challenge our creativity in producing this unique animation. It is always fun to be part of an innovative project that stretches our creativity.

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