Highlight graduation video for the 2020 graduates of BA Class – School of Business & Accountancy on the journey throughout their Polytechnic days at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The graduation video that we have edited for the students sums up the main takeaways and significant moments of an event.

The students have been given lots of opportunities and program that builds strong character in every one of them. We interviewed some of the graduates about their journey and achievement in BA. Some express their gratitude for the opportunities they have received from the school, such as student enterprise on their campus, participation in competitions, oversea community service trips, and many more. Some of the students also express and reflect on their takeaways from these opportunities. Lecturer also plays a big role for the student in their journey as they gave their good wishes to the students as they move on to the next chapter of their life.

In this graduation video, we had an opportunity to celebrate their milestone by compiling the student program that they had gone through, the opportunity they had in BA, and the friendship that they bonded with each other. We are happy to create a video that contains their most memorable and lifelong learning journey for the graduates of the BA class of 2020.

Video Production by www.easyvideo.sg

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