Ever thought of advertising your Restaurant to a wide target audience through a Restaurant Video? Feeling something is missing in creating the perfect introduction to a Restaurant Video? Every Restaurant needs that extra push in publicity to create much awareness for the public to take notice. This is tremendously important as the food they serve carries the identity of the Restaurant.

Al-Azhar Restaurant has given us the chance to challenge our creativity in producing a unique Restaurant video. Every ingredient is as important as its final dish. The video portrays fresh ingredients and skills the chefs executed in preparation of the dishes. The video production for Restaurant takes precise focus and attention to detail as the food itself is the star of the video. First impression is always important as the audience would want to savour their taste buds on the food they see.

The video production team had to come up with different shots and angles to complement the ingredients that was selected in the final video. The inclusion of slow-motion and fast cuts helped to meet the satisfaction of the client.

Food connects and brings people together, what more if you broadcast your Restaurant Video to a wide target audience in social media websites. You would get to reunite these people at the next lunch or dinner service.

Video Production by www.easyvideo.sg

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