In this exciting project, we were tasked with filming a events highlights video for the with the Kohler Team and Manchester United Press Conference. The video needed to showcase the unique partnership between the two organisations and was a chance for fans to meet the football stars in the Kohler Experience Centre.

A good highlight video needs to showcase the energy of the event, captures good sound bites from the speakers, and also feature good interviews with guests at the event. The video style and mood needs to correctly reflect the style of the event. If the event is fast paced and dynamic in nature like this event, then the music, and the way we filmed the highlights should be so as well.  It is about showing. It is about telling a story through strong visuals and high quality interviews. Showing is much more powerful than telling and speaks volumes about what you can do for your customers.

In this recent video we did for our client, Kohler, we strived to show the how fun and engaging the event was. Our responsibility for this project was deploy a film crew to the press conference and edit a events highlight video after. We love filming event highlight videos. They are one of the bread and butter services we provide for clients and we strive to deliver a high quality product through also getting good quality interviews where possible. Prior to any events highlights video deployment, we will find out the nature of the event, prepare appropriate equipment and also propose a simple storyboard for the event.

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