In this very unique project, we were tasked with updating and editing the a government corporate video for the Ping An administration. The video needed to showcase the technological advances and innovative eco initiatives that the Ping An administration has.

A good government corporate video does not tell a customer what they are about. It is not just about listing the products and services that they produce. It is about showing. It is about telling a story through strong visuals, powerful scripts and dynamic scenes of the company staff in action. Showing is much more powerful than telling and speaks volumes about what you can do for your customers. It is also important to showcase what the company has in store for the future as well.

In this recent video we did for our client, Ping An, we strived to show the best the administration has to offer to its stakeholders . Our responsibility for this project was update an existing corporate video that the team has done. We gathered assets that the Ping An administration already shot with another production company, added some new content and tied everything together with in a meaningful script written by our scriptwriters.

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