What better way to promote an upcoming event than a great pre event promotional video? To build up hype and interest for your event, your event promotional video needs to not only have key information for your target audience, but also be engaging, fun and inspire your audience to want to come to your event. That is the call to action for a video like this.

Again, going back to basics, the 3 core pillars that define a good promotional video would be information, emotion and aspiration. Your promotional video needs to contain information that pertains to your product, service or event that you are promoting and it needs to be presented in a way that speaks to your audience.

Secondly the video needs to touch your intended audience in the right way. Be it to make them, smile, laugh, or even cry. Connecting with your audience on an emotional level is important and is a driving factor that often determines if your video gets viral and shared or not.

Finally your video needs to be aspirational. What this means is that your video needs to convince your viewer that should they buy into your message, their quality of live will improve. For example, an awesome video of a new luxury spa would tell you that “wow, if I go to this spa, I will be pampered” and they will aspire to want to go to that spa. Aspiration is the key to your video’s call to action.

In this example, the information aspect was to attend an environmental event. The date, time, venue and the information of exchanging plastic bottles for environmentally friendly bags are all good information.

The emotional aspect was the fact that colourful mascots will be present. They are cute and are fun to watch on the video.

Finally the video aims to aspire people to be more green. It co-relates going to the event as doing your part for the environment. This drives the call to action, which is to drive people to the event.


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