When you think of a past events you’ve attended what is the first thing that comes to mind? The food? The people? To us the first thing you remember is how the event started. And what better way to start off this event than a high energy and impactful Event Launch Video.

This particular video was conceptualized for a charitable organisation, at an event where they celebrated their 15th Anniversary. It recaps on all of their memorable moments captured while they were doing their charity work.
While Event Launch Videos may be short and sweet, multiple man hours have to be put into finely crafting the perfect visuals. Our Animation team has to take into consideration the event’s purpose, the audience, the client’s preferences before we can conceptualize and produce the impactful video that’s memorable to all who attended the event.

Easy Video animators were tasked to deliver emotive and impactful videos that meets the client’s satisfaction within tight deadlines. Our craft is unique and flexible, being able to create animation styles that not only fits the needs of our clients but also with our personal flair that only our production studio has. Producing a well orientated yet impactful video to create a memorable video for your guest/colleagues to enjoy, being the talk of the town till your next event comes by.

Video Production by www.easyvideo.sg

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