In this technical Tunnel Boring Machine Installation Video, our client, China Railway Tunneling GroupĀ  wanted us to capture the majestic installation of their Tunnel Boring Machine. It was a 2 week long affair that saw the deployment of multiple timelapse cameras, aerial drones and an on ground film crew to capture all the key moments of the project.

Showing is much more powerful than telling and speaks volumes about what the company can do. It is also important to showcase what the company has in store for the future as well.

One of the major challenges of this shoot was to manage shooting the time lapse scenes in the construction site. We need to communicate closely with the construction crew to ensure that the timelapse cameras were placed at strategic areas of the project.

Working in a construction site also poses a unique challenge in terms of movement and safetey. We managed to work our way around these challenges and worked hard to get several dynamic angles of the team in action and we felt it bought out the best of the construction team.

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