The video brings you through the cancer patient’s story of her struggle to recover with the help of the National University Hospital (NUHS) Cancer Rehabilitation that was set up back in 1985. Storytelling in the video is one of the most powerful tools that make complex stories easier to understand and delivers a more impactful message to your audiences.

We are honored to film a video that showcases a cancer patient who struggles after her operation and got a recommendation from the doctor to the NUHS Rehab to assist her road to recovery. The video doesn’t just feature the story of the cancer patient but also provides the information and benefit of the rehabilitation.
NUHS Cancer Rehabilitation understands the struggle and the needs of their patient, the video will bring you through how they help the patient, through physical exercises and diet and nutrition intake.

In this video that features a cancer patient’s story, we strived to show the benefit and the importance of rehab for any cancer patient during or after cancer treatment in addition to a story of a cancer patient that empathises with the audience.

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