After completing multiple successful animated infographic videos for the Singapore Cancer Society about breast cancer, we were thrilled when they entrusted us to create a 3 parts educational animated infographic video series that educate the viewers on prostate cancer. Prostate cancer has affected many men’s life from around the world and it is also the 3rd most common cancer among Singaporean men. Hence, we were delighted to help the Singapore Cancer Society through this series to spread awareness about prostate cancer.

Originally, this series was supposed to be a single video. However, after taking into consideration of the large amount of content, we decided to split the video into 3 parts. Most viewers have short attention span and just like any other video, we would always want our viewers to watch the video till the end. Splitting the video into 3 parts would greatly help in keeping the attention of the viewers.

In this animated infographic video series we did for the Singapore Cancer Society, we focused on creating and using simplified yet accurate versions of icons, graphs, and human anatomy diagrams to help the viewers digest the new and large amount of information quicker. For this particular video, where we aim to educate viewers on the psycho-social impact of prostate cancer, we make use of vibrant colors and smooth animations to capture the attention of the viewers.

As usual, we researched extensively on the subject before creating the script and storyboard for this animated infographic video to make sure our contents are true to the facts. We also worked closely with doctors at each stage and drafts of the video to cross-check and make sure all our medical-related information like the graphs and human anatomy diagram are accurate and true.

You can take a look at the other video of this series too where we introduce What is Prostate Cancer? and its Treatment Options and Side Effects.

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