Animated Infographic Video is increasingly popular for companies and organizations to promote their brand. To capture the attention of the viewers, animated infographic video breathe life into the plain figures and information. They transform them into a simple yet appealing and memorable form. It will also be easier for the viewers to digest all the information at a glance.

Singapore Biodesign is modeled after the established Biodesign Programme at Standford University. Singapore Biodesign is a capability development initiative that aims to train and nurture the next generation of healthtech innovators for Asia.

In this animated infographic video we did for Singapore Biodesign, we introduced their new HealthTech Innovation Training Workshops which they recently launched. As they are targeting professionals, who are looking to learn about the health care innovation space. We chose to use a simple, classic, and professional-looking theme for this video. Our main aim was to convey the information we had within a short amount of time. It was challenging at first as there was a lot of information to be included, however, we managed to summarised everything into a short video.

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