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School Corporate Video for Xishan Primary

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School corporate videos can offer fresh perspectives and insights for what a school provides. In this project, we have produced a corporate video for Xishan primary school. Xishan Primary school has multiple programmes that can help children develop holistically well. 

We wanted to show the passion and drive that the teachers put into the childrens’ learning […]

Review Video for Glodon Software

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A review video can not only help to promote brands and services, it can also make things easier for viewers to understand. Therefore, we have produced a review video for Glodon to explain their product and services. Glodon is a cost-efficient platform for construction management and building projects. 

We have interviewed a few users of the […]

Cancer Patient’s Story – NUHS Rehab

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The video brings you through the cancer patient’s story of her struggle to recover with the help of the National University Hospital (NUHS) Cancer Rehabilitation that was set up back in 1985. Storytelling in the video is one of the most powerful tools that make complex stories easier to understand and delivers a more impactful […]