Live Webcast

Live webcast is a service that is gaining popularity in a large number of fields. But what makes it such a powerful tool? Live webcasting empowers content creators and industries to communicate and deliver content realtime to their audience and also enables 2 way communication with this said audience in realtime.

We have the ability to stream concurrently to  multiple Facebook Live timelines, Ooyala, Brightcove, Ustream, YouTube Live, Periscope, Streamon, Vimeo and so on.

Live Streaming Annual General Meetings Online

On 27 March 2020, the Infectious Diseases (Measures to Prevent Spread of COVID-19) Regulations 2020 (“Regulations”) came into force. The Regulations prohibit certain activities and events (e.g. conventions), limit attendance for non-prohibited events to 10 individuals, and impose safe distancing measures for non-prohibited events held in public places. Live Webcast/live stream, is the main prefered mode to conduct AGMs. 

For more information on SGX annoucement, please go to: 

Our specialised Web AGM Services include: 

  • easy to use webinar platform (registration page, desktop and mobile friendly, virtual attendance taking, mixing media content etc)

  • end to end encryption

  • explainer videos to make onboarding easy for less it saavy users 

  • scalable viewership (1,000-10,000 viewers)

  • managing weighted polls 

  • interactive Q&As

  • post event statistics

  • studio recording space (granted workplace exception by Ministry of Trade and Information during circuit breaker period )

AGM Facilitation Grant

SGX is giving up to S$5,000 per company to all qualifying Mainboard and Catalist companies, to help defray the additional costs of organising Annual General Meetings (AGMs) in light of the new advisories issued by the Ministry of Health (MOH). 

The grant will cover AGM-related expenses incurred between 16 March 2020 (which is the date of SGX’s announcement of the SGX Care Package) and 15 March 2021. These could include the managed service that we provide to implement webcast. 

FAQ for AGM Facilitation Grant

Our professional webcasting professionals can assist you in:

  • Site recce and planning

  • Delivering high quality content

  • Deployment of video crew and video equipment

  • Setup Audio and Visual equipment (Audio Mixers, Speakers, microphones, lights etc)

  • Live mixing of content (Multi Camera setup and mixing, Green screen, etc)

  • Wifi bandwidth check, SIM Cards and troubleshooting

  • Studio Space rental

The opportunities for a powerful virtual event could also include:

  • Product launches

  • Townhalls

  • CEO Speeches

  • Seminars and conferences

  • Live interactive shows

  • Surgical procedures

  • International panel discussions

  • Tutorials and lectures

Here are some tips for a successful webcast.

Here is how a webcast can be just as good as a live event

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