Easy Video Singapore have been getting increasing inquiries about live broadcast services of late and we thought we share our experience on this topic.

Social Media mediums like facebook, twitter, youtube, twitch, are how many people connect with organisations and consume content. And while photos and text posts are fast and easy ways to engage your audience, they cannot tell a story or connect with audience the same way rich media like videos can. The added benefit of live broadcast videos is that content creators can engage with audience live during the video, adding an entirely new dimension and interactivity. A content creator or host can chat, answer questions posted by followers real time and that opens up the ability to have real time question and answer sessions, conduct real time contests etc.

Here are our 5 tips that we like to share with you about how you can make you can get the most our of your live broadcast video to your followers.

1- Create Awareness before your Live video
If you plan to get the most viewers to be part of your live video broadcast, you should announce it on your social media accounts ahead of time so your followers can look out for the video when it does go live. Marketing and giving your followers a reason to be part of the video will help your videos get the most views when it does go live.

2- Plan your Content
Unlike normal videos that you can edit unwanted parts in post production, live videos are… live. Any mistakes, extended duration of inactivity thinking what to do or say would not be beneficial to your video’s effectiveness and if they persist, it will make your video look clumsy and viewers might drop out half way through the broadcast.

3- Quality Equipment
Like all social media videos, good quality video and audio will increase the production value of your video. Film in a well lit area, with a good camera, tripod, microphone etc. If you are filming from a mobile phone, then consider putting it on a tripod or a good stand on your table. If you are filming it from a camera then you will need a good video encoder to connect it to your laptop. We recommend blackmagic.

4- Fast Bandwidth
Streaming videos need fast bandwidth to ensure that the video quality does not degrade during the broadcast. Also ensure that during the broadcast, other office users sharing the same bandwidth are not engaging on any heavy downloads or are also watching the same broadcast live.

5- Analyses Results and Experiment with new content
Finally this last time actually applies to all videos on social media. It is important to keep your content fresh and always switch up the content from time to time. Keep track of the performance of your different videos and try to understand what works best for your viewership. Do your viewers like something more serious or casual? Do your morning broadcasts do better than your evening broadcasts? You need to experiment with your content to evolve your videos over time and improve on the viewership.

If you have a broadcasting project and like to speak to a professional team please feel free to reach out to us at 90907746 or email gary@easyvideo.sg