So you have hired a videographer (hopefully Easy Video..) and you are preparing for the big day. Here is a simple check-list to help make the video shoot easy and painless and prepare for a video shoot in Singapore.

Make sure everyone has the schedule

Dates, time and location should be sent to all parties. This normally includes the production team, talents and members of your own team who need to be present. This sounds like a simple thing but you will be surprised how often people get this wrong.

Interview Cards 

Are you or your boss going to make a statement or speech? It is best to have the questions and/or answers listed out in small handy cards, especially if public speaking is not really your thing.

Water, hats and the right footwear

Is your shoot going to take place in Marina Bay or the Singapore Botanical Gardens? Outdoor shoots can be extremely hot and it is important to dress for the part. Also bring lots of tissues! Singapore is a hot place! Bring and umbrella too!

Talent Releases

If you plan to grab people off the street to interview them, it is necessary to have a generic talent release form.