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Conferencing Video

video production singapore

Town Hall

A town hall is an important event that is used to communicate company information to a large group of people, such as employees or shareholders. Townhalls can be used to provide updates, answer questions, and foster a sense of community among the audience.

video production singapore


Conference support services include managing remote speakers, managing on site physical assets (sound system, mics, comfort monitors, camera crew) and live broadcast of content to online audiences via a variety of platforms (zoom, teams, vimeo, youtube, facebook)

video production singapore


Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) fully comply with SGX standards and are interactive, secure, stable and enable weighted voting among shareholders. We serve a large number of SGX listed companies and associations in the virtual, hybrid and full physical AGMs.

video production singapore


Full virtual webinars gained popularity during COVID and is still a mainstay for many clients. The ease and convenience of webinars allow panelists and audience to connect anytime, anywhere without sacrificing engagement. We utilize stable platforms like zoom webinar and faciliate end to end services from registration, rehearsals, broadcast, QNA and post event surveys and reports. 

video production singapore

Hybrid Event

Hybrid events cater to both physical and online audiences. Their audience experience must be seamless and we achieve this with dedicated crew to manage both physical and virtual aspects of the event. Interaction between physical and remote presenters are also important. 

video production singapore

Social Media

We can broadcast full virtual and hybrid events to one or more social media platforms simultaneously for great outreach. Our services include setting up the streaming events on your pages, broadcast and real-time interaction and engagement of your fans. Post broadcast reports are also provided. 

Key Benefits

video production singapore

Enhanced Accessibility

Live broadcast allows people who were unable to attend the conference in person to experience the content from anywhere, at any time. This makes the content more accessible to a wider audience, including those who may not have been able to attend in person due to scheduling conflicts or distance.

video production singapore

Improved engagement

Conference videos can help improve engagement among your audience by providing a more dynamic and interactive way to experience the content. By incorporating visuals, animations, and other multimedia elements, you can create a more engaging experience for viewers.

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Increased knowledge retention

Post conference content can be uploaded online to allow viewers to pause, rewind, and re-watch content as many times as they need to fully understand the material. This can help improve knowledge retention and ensure that viewers come away with a deeper understanding of the content.

video production singapore


There is no limit to the quantity of virtual audiences. Do not be constrained by physical venue limitations. The cost per online viewer is also far lower for organisations. A small venue hosting an onsite audience of 20 participants can easily have hundreds of online participants at a fraction of the cost. 

video production singapore

Promotes Your brand

Broadcast is a powerful tool for promoting your brand and increasing brand awareness. By creating high-quality virtual events, and regular social media engagement, you can showcase your expertise and highlight your brand’s values, you can attract new customers and build brand loyalty.

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Generates revenue

We can help our clients monetise their events by with integration with e commerce services like stripe , 2C2P, woo commerce, shopify, paynow QR etc. 

Different Types


video production singapore

Full virtual events can be conducted at our client’s premises or our fully equipped broadcast studio. We are proficient in green screen technologies, virtual backgrounds and have conducted hundreds of full virtual events both locally and internationally. We ensure that we capture atmosphere and energy of the event and ensure all attendees who are educated and/or entertained.


video production singapore

Full physical events are back and bigger than ever. Our physical event services include staging, backdrops, projectors, LED Walls, sound and audio crew, lighting, visual mixing, show calling, ushers, photobooth booths, emcee bookings and finally show planning and management.  


video production singapore

Hybrid events combine elements of both on-site and virtual events. These evens capture the live experience of an on-site event while also providing virtual access to attendees who are unable to attend in person. Hybrid events can be used to provide a more inclusive conference experience, allowing attendees to participate from anywhere in the world.

Private and Secure Streaming

Our client’s security and privacy is of utmost importance. We achieve this by regular staff training in cyber security best practices. 

We also only use webinar platforms like zoom, which enagble end to end encryption, for important confidential events and meetings.  Private and secure streaming prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information, ensures that only authorized viewers can access it. This is crucial for companies dealing with confidential data. Moreover, off the shelf platforms like zoom offer a more stable and reliable viewing experience for authorized users, ensuring that the video stream remains uninterrupted. By implementing private and secure streaming solutions, companies can safeguard their content and provide a better viewing experience for their audience.

video production singapore
video production singapore

Social Media broadcast

Social Media platforms are excellent platforms for companies and organisations to expand their reach and connect with a wider audience, increasing brand awareness and potential customer or client base. The interactive live broadcast experience allows viewers to engage with the content, creating a sense of community and boosting engagement. Overall, social media broadcast offers numerous advantages for companies seeking to broaden their reach and engage with their audience.

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