There are many reasons why a good marketing video is important. When we think about a good marketing video, we think about what we do and what we provide to the consumer market. We can include all forms of information that can explain in detail about the services and what people can get out of it. But even so, we need to ask ourselves why it needs to be good and how we can reach out to a wider audience with what we have. This list provides 6 reasons why a good marketing video is important.

1.    Social Media Influence

If you’re able to make your marketing video interesting, you’ve already won half the battle. An interesting marketing video is able to spread like forest fire. If you are able to catch the eyes of the person watching the marketing video, he will share the video and slowly more and more people will see the video and thus, more and more income.

People share their emotions with others. A majority of social media users say they would share a video with their friends or family if it was entertaining or caught their attention. So, it is advisable to create a fun and entertaining video that is able to increase social shares, and social shares in return will increase the number of visits to your site. 

2.    Search Engines Love Videos

Search engines such as Google love videos, videos increase the duration of the user staying in the website, thus giving signal to the search engines that your site contains good and quality content because users are staying at your website longer. It is also proven that having videos on your website will increase the rate of the website being shown when keywords are being searched. 

3.    Even The Laziest People Will Be Engaged

In the current generation, people are too lazy and busy to read a whole chunk of words. They want to see visualisations on how the product works, and that is something that cannot be conveyed through text. Buyers don’t have to spend time and energy for them to imagine what the product is going to be like.

Marketing videos capture a wide range of audience and it works for different kinds, even the laziest ones. But when creating a marketing video, not only target their eyes but also put their ears into consideration. 

4. Greater Optimisation Opportunities

How much do they know about your latest post on your website? Did they share the post? Did they revisit the post? Did they even read the post? The fact is that you don’t know any of the information and you can’t view it as well.

Video, on the other hand, has this feedback built-in that measures click-through rate, drop-off points, or number of times watched.

Knowing this information, you’re able to learn what’s good and what isn’t, what’s working and what’s not, and in this way, you’re able to work on your marketing methods and how you are going to promote your products and services.

5.    Videos Explain Better

Research shows that a very high amount of the users learn more about a product or services by watching video. It’s easier for them to understand what you’re trying to convey across. Trying to explain with a different medium such as animated videos might just do the trick, especially if the products and services you provide cannot be easily understood by many.

Interesting animated videos also catch the eyes of users more easily compared to videos of just a guy talking into the camera. 

6.    Videos Appeal To Mobile Users

We are living in an age dominated by technology and digitalisation, where video and mobile can easily go hand-in-hand. With the increase in mobile users over the years, more and more people will have access to the internet in their hands, which results in more people watching videos on their smartphones and other mobile devices. What’s more, people can also easily watch on the go. With a good video, you can draw in these people and grow your business even more.